Harald Koisser / Gottfried Schattovits

Caro sings

Harald Fendrich / Harald Koisser

Nothing is as much sought-after as love. It is sung about and praised. But, in the areas where we shape our lives – in economics and politics – it does not appear so far.

We have to make love a serious human project. Now. “Love’s the only engine of survival.” (Leonard Cohen)

We are singing songs of our time. We’re singing songs of love. We play the Soundtrack of Transformation. And we write songs for sustainable companies.

Harald Koisser

Economy Of Love (EoL) is a cooperative musical project. Join us.

Our songs are as diverse as love itself (English, german, french,… Rock, Pop, Folk,…). And so are we.

Caro K (vocals), Gottfried Schattovits (guitar, vocals, composing), Harald Fendrich (guitar, bass, arrangement, production), Harald Hauser (piano), Harald Koisser (source of EoL, lyrics, songwriting), Michael Schallmayr (composing, arrangement, production)